NFL Betting SitesNFL betting is the premier gambling pastime in American sports to date. Sportsbooks all across the world feature bets on the NFL online to provide a platform for bettors to make money. As one of the four major leagues in the United States, the National Football league odds attract bettors to wager on their favorite teams to win. Betting on the NFL may not be a science, but it requires bettors to master how to do it properly.

Bet on NFL football games during the regular season as well as postseason with the help of our comprehensive guide. Learn how online NFL betting works is easy; just follow our all-encompassing guide to wagering the right way. US players can find a list of the best online NFL betting sites to sign up for. You can make NFL gambling bets online on teams that you think are favorites to make the playoffs and ultimately win the Super Bowl. Check out our list of sports betting sites that we’ve vetted for US players below.

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Betting on NFL Guide

How to Bet on NFL

As part of the starter kit to learning everything, there is a lot to know about NFL betting. You need to understand how to read the lines. Learn how to gamble on football games is not difficult; it’s all about knowing what you are doing. Go through our NFL gambling basics to get a peek at some of the betting lines that you will come across at some of the best sports betting sites in America.

NFL Betting Lines Explained

Some of the most popular betting lines in the NFL offer simple tips to help US bettors avoid making mistakes when making NFL gambling wagers. Before you sign up to an NFL gambling site, you need to understand what each wagering line means:

  • NFL Betting Spread: this bet puts teams on an even keel by ensuring that the favorite team in the game has to win by a higher margin.
  • NFL Futures: this wager has the highest odds because bettors predict the winner of future events. You can bet on the winner of the Super Bowl during the regular season to win more cash.
  • Total (Over/Under): here, bettors predict the aggregate score in the game for both teams. It is an excellent barometer of both the team’s offensive and defensive gameplay.
  • NFL Parlay Bets: a combination of bets on a single card featuring a mixture of totals, moneyline and spread bets. This option is chosen by pros that want to increase the potential payout.
  • NFL Teaser Bets: these bets are similar to parlays, but they are options predetermined by the sportsbook. You can change the spread to suit your chances, but it will change the payout.NFL American Football Betting Sites

NFL Gambling Apps

The best American football betting sites offer wagering odds on mobile devices that US players use daily. You can navigate through the betting website at a tab on the screen in order to place your bet. Using the latest HTML5 technology, the bookmaker’s platform can be accessed using the flash browser to make NFL bets on your smartphone or tablet device. You can choose season win totals in the NFL to bet on your mobile device. If you own an Android, iPhone or iPad device, Windows Phone, or Blackberry, you can place a bet today.

NFL Football Betting Tips

Our expert tipsters formulate bets on National Football League taking into consideration the odds and several factors that influence the wager. Pro NFL bettors use a mixture of NFL computer picks, consensus NFL predictions by the public as well as NFL professional betting forums. Here’s what we’ve observed from our years of betting that can form part of your NFL betting strategy for future bets:

  • It’s vital to line shop for the best betting offers on football matches. Sportsbooks have different lines based on their algorithms. We recommend comparing betting sites before depositing your real cash online.
  • Take into consideration the weather – the weather plays a massive role in the outcome of a match. It is an essential factor to consider before making a bet on any NFL games. This way the weather is going to play a major role in the faith of the game. But at the same time, it’s also a good factor to determine the total number of points scored that will make an excellent overview for the over/under bets.
  • Always look for an edge instead of betting on every NFL game. This is why NFL handicapping is popular, bettors predict the overall points of the matches when they cannot pick the winner of the match.
  • Do your research and stay sober while making decisions. It’s also easy to make costly mistakes as a beginning sports gambler. We provide the latest NFL predictions on upcoming matches to cover all the statistics that you will need to make an informed bet.
  • Bettors make the mistake of thinking like a fan and taking into consideration unsupported predictions. Avoid sites that promote themselves as expert tipsters only to charge you money for their advice. We offer free NFL picks for US players to use when betting online.
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