Baseball Betting Predictions 2019Summer in America sees baseball betting come alive. Baseball remains a firm fixture in the US sports entertainment providing US punters a wide selection of wagering opportunities, probabilities, and tips. Although attendance at games and TV audience ratings have somewhat declined over the years, the grassroots popularity of baseball in the United States is surging. The popularity of the sport is starting to boom again with ordinary people particularly the youth engaging with the sport. Baseball does offer much enjoyment for the players and the audience alike.

It may have been surpassed by the NFL and the NBA but the MLB is steadily delivering again. Baseball betting predictions for 2019 are itemized forecasts for the baseball season ahead and can include, players, transfers and future wins. Likewise,  your baseball betting strategy should include tracking factors that correlate to the game’s success, reviewing starting pitchers and bullpens, researching the ballpark and the umpires will help explain baseball betting.

Where to Bet on Baseball


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What you will find on this guide:

You can rest assured; it is, in fact, legal to bet on baseball in America. You only need to find a location that allows it and find a sportsbook that permits Americans to join. Sports betting is currently legal in five states. These are namely: Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Delaware, and Colorado. Additionally, you will need to find an offshore betting site that is legally free from America’s anti-gambling restrictions because there is a grey area that you can use to your full advantage. Bet on MLB games during the regular season and postseason to see which team will win the World Series in 2020.

Baseball Betting Strategies and Tips

Good baseball betting strategies, tips, and odds involve basic principles on how to bet on baseball. Numerous baseball guides always stipulate the US punter should:

  • Always find reputable and trustworthy sites that have good customer reviews and ratings.
  • Familiarize yourself with everything about baseball.
  • Bet the best odds on straight bets.
  • Don’t start betting as soon as the season starts in April. Wait till May to start wagering.
  • Build data-sets on every team with detailed meticulousness.
  • Review a team’s offensive and defensive statistics, starting pitchers, the bullpen’s energy levels and the history of every team player including current and past injuries.


Types of Baseball Betting Lines

  • Point Spread – This bet refers to wagering on the overall number of runs achieved in a game.
  • Over-Under – This wager is about the final score of the match and is based on the total number of runs scored by each team. This remains one of the most popular bets in baseball.
  • Moneyline Betting – This is also known as the straight bet and is the easiest to comprehend. This comprises of selecting the outright winning team.
  • Live Baseball Bet – You’re betting on the match in real-time as the game unfolds in front of you.
  • Proposition bets – This type of bet has a lot in common with live bets. However, it must be noted that they’re usually bets that are started by the community and outline with particular factors absent the set outcomes of games. Ergo, proposition bets aren’t necessarily put in place by the sportsbook itself. This specific type of bet lets you wager on particular instances during the playoffs.
  • Runline – This bet is based on the normal score of a baseball game where either team generally wins or loses by two runs.
  • First Five Innings Betting – Your baseball betting strategy here comprises of looking at the first two starting pitchers. This is also known as the first half baseball betting strategy. Here, you can openly overlook factors such as the benches and both bullpens.
  • Baseball Parlays – This bet can go either way for a punter. Here, you are combining two or even more bets on the same ticket. Moreover, parlay bets are very risky and the odds of winning on this type of bet are low.

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