Tennis Betting Sites in the USABetting on tennis in the US is one of the most profitable markets to wager on. It is the perfect alternative to betting on the four major leagues, especially during the summertime when the seasons are closed. The tennis calendar year includes the four Grand Slam tournaments alongside the different tennis competitions around the world. Every tennis tournament is dominated by some player, Rafael Nadal is the Kind of Clay while Roger Federer has had much success in grass court tennis.

Find daily tennis picks from our top expert tipsters that follow the sport and its many competitions. There is a list of top-rated tennis betting sites that we’ve shortlisted for US players to try out. Learn how to read tennis odds and bet on tennis games at top sports betting sites in America. Our guide features a look at both Men’s and Women’s tennis stats that will help you place informed wagers.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Before beginning on the journey to becoming a tennis betting pro, there is a lot that US players need to consider. There are specific tennis betting lines that you will come across at top tennis bookmakers in the US, as listed below. We’ve shortlisted the lines that payout the most in the game of tennis.

  • Handicap betting – in this bet, the player pegged to win the match has to win the tennis match by a specified number of points. Usually, players that rank higher in the tennis rankings are handicapped by a set point in order to give the advantage to the underdog and make the bet worthwhile.
  • Outrights bets – in tennis competitions, bettors can predict the winner of the competition based on how they’ve performed in the past. US players can bet on Serena Williams to make it to the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon Championships, a tournament she’s won seven times.
  • Set/Game Point Bets – bettors can take advantage on set point bets during the game as insurance if their moneyline bet is not coming out as expected. It forms part of the in-play tennis betting offers, where players can wager on which player will win the next point.
  • Moneyline tennis betting – just like in any sport, this bet involves picking the winner of the match once the points are tallied. It does not pay as much, especially when you back a favorite to win the game.

Tennis Betting Expert Tips

US players will find odds on the main tennis betting markets that bookmakers offer every year. Our experts have covered tennis matches for a long time, and they understand that each bet is dependent on what competition it is. There are three main classifications of tennis competitions:

Hard Court Tennis

The US Open is a classic hardcourt tennis tournament that takes place annually every year. The surface is distinguishable from the other competitions, played on hard concrete demarcated by white lines. Some of the most popular hard court competitions include the Australian Open as well as tournaments that form part of the ATP World Tour.

Grass Tennis

As described, the tennis competition is played on a grass surface. It favors some players that predominantly rely on their service game to win because the ball skids off the surface very quickly. The Wimbledon Grand Slam is the most popular grass-court tennis competition, where the best tennis players compete for the honor to hoist the trophy. Roger Federer remains the undisputed dominant player in grass-court competitions.

Clay Court Tennis

The third and arguably the most difficult surface to play on is clay. Roland Garros tennis is played on clay and one name always reigns above everyone else – Rafael Nadal. He defended his title in the 2020 edition of the French Open and proved his claim to fame as King of Clay.

Betting on Tennis 2020

Tennis Betting Tips

Betting on tennis can often seem complicated if you are not familiar with how sportsbooks classify their betting lines. Our expert tipsters have collected a complete set of the most popular tennis betting strategy that will aid players to make more informed bets. While these tips and tricks to betting on tennis games may not guarantee that you will win every time, they have helped many players win in regular succession.

Tennis Player History

It is important to do your research on the tennis player and their previous performances against certain players and on specific courts. While a player may come back from a recent tournament having won, it does not mean they will perform well on a different one.

Tennis Live Betting 

Bet on tennis games once they have begun in order to maximize your wins. Live bets in tennis games have great payouts because the odds fluctuate based on the player that is showing form at the time. Bet on the next set point and win big.

Study the Tennis Rankings

Use the latest tennis rankings to place your next bet. Players that are part of the top 10 best tennis players in the world will generally perform well and make up the quarter-finalist of Grand Slam tournaments.

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