Online Football Betting PredictionsThe most dominant sport to bet on football. This is widely considered the most popular sports betting market in the US. It’s been noted that well over 60% of the US population wager on football matches and in particular the Super Bowl championship. The Superbowl is an annual championship game of the National Football League of America also known as the NFL. The game in question is the zenith of regular-season games that began in the summer the previous year. Football by all accounts is the most popular sport in the United States. For the last half-century, football has been unrivaled by any other sport in America.

Betting on football sees millions of dollars gambled on professional football such as the NFL but also college football games alike. The entire brevity of the football season can see bettors enjoying hours of betting on leagues, games, and players. Those who are prepared often have very advantageous outcomes! Football wagering is effortless nowadays with smart technology and an array of sportsbooks to guide you on football betting odds, teams, and supplementary information on games.

Where to Bet on Football

There are so many sportsbooks to choose from in aiding you on your football gambling and the best sites of where to bet on football. They all have guidelines on how best to bet on football as well as odds, tips, and strategies.  However, here is a list of some of the top online betting sites.


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Is it Legal to Bet on Football?

Do we know that many of you that are wondering whether is it legal to bet on sports in America? Or what if I get caught? These might be some of the atypical questions ruminating in your mind but we are here to assure you completely that it is 100% legal to bet on sports in America and that includes football betting. There is no federal law in the United States that prohibits you from doing so. However, it must be noted that you need to be at least 18 or 21 (depending on your state) to bet on sports. Only a small amount of states of legalized sports betting so US residents will have to wager on betting sites that have an offshore payment facility. This will be your loophole or grey area to bet on the NFL or college football.

How to Bet on the NFL Superbowl

The Superbowl is the biggest night in sports in America. On average the Superbowl takes in about 114 million views worldwide and at times has held a record for this. Additionally, just over 100 000 people attend the game. Though, with accurate strategies, you can make your wagers on the Superbowl a success!

    • Don’t reason with your heart – yes this is very difficult especially with your favorite team but you need to remove any personal bias you have. You need to look at the game, teams, and players more objectively and aim to always be a smarter bettor! Make well-informed decisions instead of just choosing your favorite!
    • Location – be cognizant ahead of time where the game is being played! Location is everything! This is important as there can be a home advantage, the region’s weather can influence the players and the team’s performance and consider and review where the team played the week before as traveling time can add to odds being in your favor or not. Also, bear in mind if the team need to travel across time zones for a game as this may affect your team’s usual performance standard.
    • Review the matchups – there are important one-on-one matchups throughout a game and this can impact on the outcome of a game.
    • Examine injury accounts – this is one of the most significant tips for betting on NFL. Make sure you are informed which players are hurt or who have missed practice.

Online Football Betting USA

Types of Football Betting

There are four NFL bets that make up the vast bulk of football betting. These are:

Moneyline Betting 

The moneyline is created by bookies who establish a line that indicates the favorite and the underdog of a match.

NFL Point Spread

This is another method bookmakers use. This is used to produce a balanced set of bets and involves simply a number that represents the difference in totals between the two teams.

Game Totals

These are often considered the easiest bets to make. These bets denote the bookie’s guesses about the point total between the two teams in a game.

NFL Parlays

This is extremely popular in football betting. This is where you place bets on the outcomes of several matches on the same day.

Top US Markets for Betting

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