Best Boxing Betting SitesBetting on boxing is one of the most profitable pastimes for American fans of the combat sport. Boxing betting is made more interesting by the fact that boxers pick and choose their rivals with total autonomy. You can get the fight of the century between boxers at their peak and bet on the boxing match to win big. From the much flamboyant Floyd Mayweather to the powerful ‎Deontay Wilder, you can bet on every round and make money with boxing wagers.

Our guide features a step-by-step breakdown to betting on boxing for dummies in order to learn how to bet on boxing online. Find the best place to bet on boxing online from our recommended sportsbooks in the USA. Sign up today and download a top boxing betting app and win big.

Where to Bet on Boxing in the US


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Is Betting on Boxing Online Legal?

US gamblers that want to bet on boxing matches are always concerned with playing at legit sport betting sites in America. In the United State, there are still parts of the country that does not allow residents to gamble on sports games on the internet. This has prompted US players to gamble at offshore sportsbooks that accept American players.

We’ve gone to the trouble of looking for the best boxing betting sites in America that take USD. These websites have met our stringent review process while their online betting offers are very competitive. They are also regulated by local authorities that ensure that the gaming environment is safe and players are paid promptly.

How to Bet on Boxing Online

With most gamblers already having an idea of how boxing works, placing bets online is just as easy. Our gambling experts created a boxing betting odds explained guide to deliberate on how can I bet on sports online. Top US boxing betting websites offer a string of boxing bets that players can pick and wager on.

  • Boxing Moneylines Bets – one of the more popular bets that you will find, it entails choosing the outright winner of the bet once the points have been tallied.
  • Prop Bets in Boxing – this bet refers to a combination of bets made on a boxing match that may not be related to the eventual outcome. For example, you can bet on the number of times players may be knocked down, which player will bleed etc.
  • Boxing Draws – wager on the boxing bout ending in a stalemate with the judges’ scoring cards being equal in points for both fighters.
  • Knockout Bets – bettors that are confident in a boxer’s punch can easily predict how the match will end. Bet on the boxing match not going the full 12 rounds and decision by knockout and win.
  • Round Betting – remember when Ali used to predict the round in which he’ll win the boxing match? You can also determine the round in which a fighter will triumph and win big.

Boxing Odds Explained

It helps to go through some research on the boxers before the fight takes place. These boxing statistics are what help sportsbooks determine the odds on the fight. Betting on Floyd Mayweather to win a boxing match did not pay much because he was considered the favorite. This is because he has never lost a fight in his entire boxing career. Top US sportsbooks list boxing betting odds in using mathematical symbols to indicate the underdog and the favorite in a fight. Look at the example below:

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

(-150) – (+130)

This means that bookmakers peg Deontay Wilder as the favorite in the fight and players would have to risk $150 to win $100 on Wilder winning the match. Here’s a list of boxing betting rules that may help you on your next visit to a boxing online betting website.

Boxing Betting Websites USA

Best Boxing Betting Tips

Our expert tipsters have combined a few strategies on how to bet on boxing online and win. Now that you know what the different types of bets are, study all of the tips that have made US bettors money.

  • Bettors must understand that each fighter is famous for a certain type of boxing technique they use when they get inside the ring. Some boxers are known for their speed while others prioritize muscles and power. Bet on a boxing match online knowing which style the boxers use.
  • A player’s track record will prove vital in choosing the winner of the fight. Boxing betting lines lean towards the fighter that has the belt more than the challenger.
  • Find out if a player is in top physical condition to fight. This relates to the weight requirements, fitness if the boxer has had injuries in past and so on.
  • In heavyweight fights, the boxing matches rarely last the full 12 rounds. This is because fighters either get weary or are knocked out in the procession of the battle. The best boxing betting sites know this and set their odds to display this form.

Most Popular Boxing Competitions

  • The AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships
  • AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships
  • Boxing World Cup
  • Olympic Games
  • Youth Olympic Games
  • World Series Boxing
  • World Amateur Boxing Championships
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