Bet on Golf OnlineGolf betting is globally popular and is both viewed by millions on television and on Periscope. Additionally, golf and betting have been endlessly connected with a lot of players considering golf the textbook betting game. The steady increase in the popularity in golf betting is mostly due to the increased television coverage and enhanced technology that enables you to wager on a golfer’s every single swing!

Sports betting on professional golf can be profitably granted you approach it precisely.   You can select the best golf betting sites irrespective of where you are in the world and gain access to current trends, betting odds, place bets and assess the best information on how to bet on golf.

Top 5 US Betting Websites

Golf gambling wagers can be placed on any type of golf tournament worldwide at any time. Here’s a list of golf betting sites that we recommend for US players.


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What you will find on this Golf Guide:

PGA Tour Betting Site

The PGA Tour is the coordinator of the key professional golf tours performed principally by male players within the United States and North America. The association arranges the majority of the competitions on a yearly sequence of championships. Additionally, the FedEx Cup is the tournament cup for the PGA tour. The cup uses a points-based method where the PGA chooses an aggregate numeral of points accessible for every championship. All players are presented with points centered on their finish position in the championship. However, this can change from championship to championship.

PGA Championship Odds 2019

Originally, following a match play format, the event has become a stroke play in recent years. The PGA Championship is a yearly golf contest that is prepared by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The event is hosted during the month of May.  It is notably one of the four key tournaments in professional golf. Usually, the event is performed at celebrated courses that are usually small but can be held at times at large locations.

Betting on the Masters’ Tournament

The U.S Masters follows a stroke play format and is notably one of the four key competitions in professional golf. The event occurs during the month of April and is hosted by The Augusta National course, Augusta, Georgia, United States. Additionally, the course started in 1933 but has been amended several times by architects throughout the years. It is interesting to note that the competition still has a few customs. Dating back to 1949, a green jacket has been presented to the winner.

US Open Odds

The US Open is a yearly nation-wide tournament of golf held in the United States during the month of June. The U.S open has implemented a format of a two-hole total playoff. Additionally, It’s the third of the key tournaments in golf and is on the agenda for the PGA Tour and the European Tour. It’s performed at a wide diversity of courses throughout the country which does pose complexity for scoring.

British Open Betting

The Open is a yearly golf championship that is organized by the R&A. Additionally, it’s one of the four main championships in professional golf having its first tournament in 1860 in Scotland. However, it’s the eldest of the four and is the only major championship that is performed outside the United States.  The event occurs in mid-July in the United Kingdom.

Top Betting Odds to Win

Golf betting odds indicate the probability of a specific result happening. Top golf betting odds suggest what the bookmaker considers a player’s probability of winning a championship is.

Golf Gambling Sites USA

Odds to win the US Open

Odds to win the U.S Open are betting guidelines and tips of golfers in the US Open and who might ultimately win the US Open.  Frequently, odds to win the US Open is centered on a golf-futures bet. This is a prospective bet that is placed on a golfer to win a championship.

Golf Betting Tips

Golf betting tips are betting guidelines used for both the OGA Tour and the European Tour. Tips aid your mission for monetary gain from your bets.

  • Golf betting tips may include revising and further analyzing golf betting strategies,
  • Familiarize yourself with every golf tournaments and majors, golf players, statistics.
  • Check the weather conditions in the region being played.

Most Popular Betting Lines

Outright Betting

This type of betting denotes choosing the golfer who has the best chances of ultimately acquiring the championship. However, choosing a specific golfer can be a tedious process largely because of the vast aggregate of contestants. This particular betting option can also deliver a great possible payment if the particular golfer wins.

Matchup Betting

This type of betting comprises of pitting two golfers against each other and selecting the golfer that on considers will defeat the other golfer. In matchup betting, the selected golfer doesn’t have to win the championship, he only needs to complete at a higher place than his competitor. Additionally, this sort of bet is much simpler than others.

Golf Top 10 Finishes

US players bank on predicting the strongest golfers to finish in the first ten positions after each round. Wager on top 5 golfers if you feel lucky and win big. This golf bet has a big payout if done accurately.

Top Sports Betting Markets in America

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